Bookings and Payments

There are different ways we accept payments:
Cheques made payable to  and sent to:  Reading Rooms, Sandy Lane, Crich DE4 5DE
Cash or cheque paid into our account at any branch of Barclays Bank or Lloyds / TSB Bank.
payments on line can be paid to bank details  DECKCHAIRVILLAS.COM 09-01-28  account 25100814
From overseas  IBAN payments / International Bank Electronic payments.
All types of major Credit Cards are accepted and the following transactions charges apply:
Debit Cards:  minimum £5  maximum £10 per transaction.
Credit Cards ( mastercard, visa  ) :  from minimum 2 %  up to maximum  3% of transaction amount.
American Express:  4 % of invoice

*Please refer to section 1 under Terms and Conditions to refer to Booking and documentation

1 – How to book
Please fill in the booking request form and transmit it to us by email so we can send you a rental contract.
If the proposal suits you, you only have to return it signed with the deposit for your reservation corresponding to 30% of the total cost of the rental (transfer payment or credit card).
The customer must be 18 years old at the time of booking. The person who takes over the reservation is responsible for the amount of the rental payment and for people related. It is responsible for the actions and behaviours of the persons who share the rental according to our general conditions.

2 – How to confirm his booking
Your rental will be definitely accepted and reserved in your name only when your deposit is received and cashed. You will receive confirmation (email, fax or letter) and we will ask you to kindly verify that there are no mistakes.

3 – Balance Payment
The balance must be paid not later than 30 days before the beginning of the rental. Failure to pay the balance on time will constitute cancellation and the amount cashed will not be refunded. If you book an accommodation less than 30 days before the arrival, the full rental charges is payable at the time of booking.
4 - Rates
Prices are given in Pounds Sterling. Each description of the rental gives a price per day (7 nights minimum). If you book for more than one week, additional days are charged on the daily rate. Prices for a month stay (30 days) are available on simple request.
Prices include :
  • Agency fees.
  • The cost of water, electricity and/or gas.
  • The household linens (sheets and towels).
  • A personal welcome with an inventory at the arrival and at the departure.
  • 7 days/7 telephone assistance number.
  • Household insurance that covers the rental.
  • Prices not include :
  • The tax package.
  • Telephone.
  • The cleaning of the rental during and at the end of the stay.
  • The possible extra for late arrival.
  • The tenant’s insurance that covers personal property and personal effects, such as luggage and valuables. You have to contact your own insurance before your departure.
  • The security deposit which will be automatically applied. Details below.

deckchairvillas reserves the right to substitute accommodation of equivalent or higher category to that booked by guest if circumstances require.

5 – Accepted Payments
 BACS payments to our account electronically - Please note that transfer fees are at the tenant’s charge.
Credit cards (Visa and MasterCard) - Please take note that a min 2% additional fee will be charged.
American Express 4%
Cash in sterling direct to our account.

6 – Security Deposit
A security deposit is required in order to cover the cost of possible damages or breakages caused by people occupying the apartment.
Rentals for one week and less : the amount of the deposit is equal to the rent for one week.
Up to one month of rental : the amount of the deposit is equal to the total amount of the rental.
For any rent more than three months : the amount of the deposit is equal to two months rent.
The security deposit will be returned to you no later than two weeks after your departure unless the costs of damages if some have been noticed. The delay may be higher if invoices from suppliers arrive late.
This security deposit will be a pre-authorization of your credit card, Visa, MasterCard, Bank cheque in US$, Euro or British £)

7 - Cancellation
Cancellation by deckchairvillas
If an exceptional event occurs, we will obliged to assign you a different rental than the one reserved. You will be informed and we will do our best to see that you are given accommodations in a flat in a similar or superior category without an extensive price. If we can not propose to you a rental in a similar category we pledge to return the total amount of the deposit (generally 30% of the total amount of the rental) without any further obligation on our part.
Cancellation by you
Any cancellation request made by you for whatever reason, must be sent in writing by e-mail, fax or mail :
The effective date of cancellation is the date on which written notification is received by us.
Two possibilities :
  • You cancel between the day after you received the Booking Confirmation and the arrival day. You will lose your booking deposit.
  • You do not show up on the planned arrival date or you decide to leave the rental before the planned departure date, we reserve the right to keep the entire cost of your rental.

To avoid cancellation fees, we recommend you to endorse our contract of insurance cancellation and interruption of stay « ADAR ». You will found the contracts in several languages in our section « Insurance ».

8 - Modification
If after your reservation is confirmed, you want to make some changes (dates, place, number of occupants, etc…), we reserve the right to treat a change of property and/or to consider the change of dates for booking as a cancellation and reserve another rental.

9 - Phone
The payment for the phone consumers depends on the house that you rent. Instructions for use will be given to you in order to explain the operation, depending on the type of subscription retained by the owner. Some houses are not equipped with telephone (you can read the detailed description of the house).

10 - Photos
Photographs found on our site cannot be used without the authorisation of deckchairvillas, under pain of legal action.
You must accept that minor differences between the photograph/illustration/text used and the actual property may arise. Concerning element of comfort, decoration and furnishings, please refer to the written description of the page and not to photos. Some details and equipment you can see on the pictures as flowers, candles, bottles of wine, some pieces of dishes or crockery… are not included in the apartment.

11 – Security and values
Anything of value left at the property is left under your responsibility. Neither deckchairvillas  nor the property owner are responsible for their loss.
All our houses are in regarded area so the risks of burglary are more numerous than in the less prestigious neighbourhoods. The entrance doors should always be locked when you leave or when you are inside the house. It is advisable to use a safe if the house is equipped as well as take all necessary precautions to prevent theft or burglary. We accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or consequential losses due to theft or any other security related incident howsoever caused.

12 - Litigations
In case of litigation occurring for the execution of the general conditions or during their realisation and in regards to the conditions of their consequences, if a friendly settlement does not occur and if the litigation must be brought to a court, the parties give jurisdiction to the Court of our choice.

13 - Number of people occupying the flat
Only the persons listed on your reservation can occupy the flat. The number of persons cannot be more than the number of beds indicated on the rental contract (number also includes children less than 2 years old). ). If the number of occupants is not respected, deckchairvillas reserves the right to cancel the rental contract or to add a surcharge per person per night.

14 - Arrival
Please, call us when you have picked up your luggage at the airport at the  number provided : and we will personally welcome you in the house rented. The rental begins at 5:00 PM. We will inventory the furnishings, household items and linen together and you will sign an inventory sheet. You will give us the security deposit (see paragraph No.6).
Arrivals / check in day is Saturday at 16 - 18 hrs  hrs unless stated otherwise departure day / check out day is Saturday 9 - 11 hrs unless stated.
Additional fee:
A surcharge of 50 Euros may be charged to the tenants in case of late arrival after 20 hrs or departure after 11 hrs . Arrivals on Sunday were applicable are chargable at 50 euros , this is not negotiable.

  deckchairvillas or his/her representative shall be allowed to access to the accommodation at any reasonable time during any occupancy for the purposes of inspection, maintenance and cleaning.

15 - Departure
The rental ends before 10:00 AM. We will make an appointment for the departure formalities (condition of the premises, inventory and return of the keys). If your departure is very early in the morning, you will let the keys inside the house or in the mailbox and we will do by ourselves the inventory. You will be informed about the result by mail.
The departure is carried out after you have completely moved out of the premises.
If your flight is late in the days and the house has not been rented already, you can stay a bit later in the house without surcharge with the agreement of  deckchairvillas.

16 - Extension of your tripIt is possible to extend your stay if the house you are occupying is not reserved. If it is reserved, we will offer you another flat if we have the possibility to do it.

17 - Pets
Pets are not permitted in our flats unless otherwise agreed.

18 - Smokers
Only some apartments permit smokers. Please ask when you book your flat if it is authorized or specify your desire to rent one of these apartments.

19 – Your responsibilities
We accommodate you in a furnished and fully equipped flat, in which you have the full enjoyment during the period of the rental, and you are responsible for any deterioration that occurs during the period.
The house should be returned to us in the same state of working order.
You are not permitted :
  • to put anything on the walls and to move equipment and furniture
  • to transfer or sublet the rental to practice any commercial or other activity on the premises to organize parties in the flat And you have to occupy the premises in « good father ».
If these conditions are not respected, we can end your rental without any prior notification and we won't have to refund you the days that you could have paid but not used.

20 – Our responsibilities
We must put a location at your disposal that is in good condition and working order. Our technical team checks each apartment before the rental.
We are not responsible for any cancellation or delay in rental due to reasons over which we have no control : political, religious events, terrorism, natural disasters, fires, accidents, war, strikes, governmental measures, industrial actions, etc… We can not be responsible for a mechanical failure of an equipment of the flat or of the co-ownership, for example : elevator, electrical doors, heating, TV antenna, etc… or for a problem with public services : electricity, water, gas or cable TV network.

21 – Cleaning and linen
We give you a house that is in perfect condition with a towels set per person. Linen is included in all properties. If you have a baby, it is advisable to take by yourself baby linen.
Cleaning and drying of the crockery is not included in the cleaning service. It is the tenant's responsibility to keep it clean during his stay as well as when leaving the apartment.
An extra charge of 60 Euros will be taken on deposit if the crockery is not cleaned, dried and put away in cabinets at the time of departure.
The house cleaning will be done on request and if the house is easily accessible (ordered rooms which permit an easy access to the cleaning team).
If you wish a special cleaning or change of linen during your stay, this service is available on simple request.

22 – Insurances
We strongly recommend you to cover yourself if you do damages in the flat, each person who accompanies you, your luggage and your closes' luggage, cash, jewels, valuables, etc… by a travel insurance.
As we have written earlier, we also recommend you to endorse our contract of insurance cancellation and interruption of stay « ADAR » in order to avoid cancellation fees.
Please contact your insurance agent or your travel agency before leaving your permanent home.

23 - Complaints
 In the unlikely event that you are disappointed with the temporary accommodation, you must contact at once  at deckchairvillas. We will try to solve the problem.
If you vacate the property before the end of the rental period without our authorisation you shall lose any rights to compensation.

Thanks for having chosen deckchairvillas. We wish you a good stay !

01773 850 222 - Feel free to call
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