Booking Help

Step by Step Guide

1. Select the accommodation that you would like to book for example “Chappet Boutique Hotel”
2. Click on the link “Hotel Details”
3. Click on the link “View Prices” for the type of accommodation suitable for you
4. Choose which period of dates you would like to travel in, for example the High season block
5. Click “Book now”. * If you want to book more than one room in a hotel for example please add two separate bookings into your cart.
6. In the top left hand corner of the screen a box appears called “My Cart”
7. If you wish to continue booking click on the link “Continue Booking”
8. Select the “Party Size” in the blue box
9. You may be asked to “Validate” the party size, just click on “Validate”
10. Then click “Confirm Party Size”
11. Next select the dates that you wish to book by clicking on the little calendar in the cream box under the heading “Dates Selected” – you can select the months by clicking on the arrows and date by clicking on the numbers. * note that the dates you select must fall within the period previously selected at step 4
12. Click “Validate” and then click “Confirm Dates” below
13. This will then calculate a price – a total price and a price per person
14. Underneath this you must fill in your contact details
15. Then finally click “Book This Now”
16. A message will appear at the top of the screen asking whether you would just like to “Request a Quote” or whether you would like to “Book and Pay Full Amount”
17. If “Request a Quote” is selected then you will receive an email from Deck Chair Villas with a quote attached with updated information
18. Or if “Book and Pay Full Amount” is selected then you will be transferred to a secure online payment facility where you can fill in your payment details and then click “Submit”

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