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This site accepts debit and credit card payments on line and the procedure is explained under the heading Booking Help. If you choose to make a booking request in this way without speaking to us or being in touch by e mail in advance please note the following. When you have made a booking on line the booking request goes into a period of waiting which means it is on request.  This waiting period usually lasts for between 24 and 48 hours but may take up to 72 hours or longer depending on the individual circumstances of the booking request.  Once a booking has been made on line we reserve the right to refuse the booking and you must not consider the booking accepted until we contact you either by email or in the way of sending a confirmation invoice.  Once this confirmation is received by you please check it to make sure there are no variations from the original on line details as this could be the case if prices or accommodation has changed which could be for various reasons such as ; local price changes , improvements or modifications to the accommodation, availability issues with the chosen accommodation. If the confirmation invoice reflects your choice and there are no variations then you can consider the booking is complete and at that stage you can make any other arrangements for your trip if necessary. If the confirmation invoice does vary from the original request you have the choice to either accept or reject the booking. Just send back an e mail letting us know one way or the other.
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